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Since 1968, Endeks Kimya has been a member of ENDER GROUP, which operates in food distribution and retail sectors. Endeks Kimya started its production activities in 2007 and continues its activities in a closed area of 26.500 m2. 

Endeks Kimya achieves its targets that it grows day by day with its R&D investments, production facility equipped with the latest technology, high quality products in accordance with world standards, and advertising and marketing activities in national and international markets.

Providing its diversity in all groups that are classified as cleaning products with Kalyon, Pruva and Alyans brands, Endeks Kimya develops its branding process mainly in overseas markets. Having realized its first export in 2009, Endeks Kimya has exported to more than 55 countries in a short time taking big and fast steps. Adopting specialization, differentiation, innovation and sustainability as a benchmark, Endeks Kimya has managed to enter the top 5 in the category list of "Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters Union, National Soap and Washing Preparations" announced by İMMİB every year.

Endeks Chemicals not only produces its own brands but also makes Private Label production in Turkey and abroad and contributes to the consumer's access to quality products at an affordable price.

Endeks Kimya gives importance to the concept of "clean production" as well as the understanding of quality production.

Access to clean water is defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as one of the most fundamental rights for human beings. Endeks Kimya is aware that access to clean products is also a human right. With this awareness, it aims to produce  all the products it produces without harming the nature and consumer health both during the production process and after the use of the product.

Endeks Kimya, which strengthens its relationship with its consumers based on trust and empathy with each passing day, carries its goals in branding process further day by day.










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