The 'Sustainability ”and "Social Responsibility Policy" of Endeks are evaluated in a manner that reveals the responsibility of Endeks to its stakeholders both in the region where our factory is located and throughout the country.

The Corporate Sustainability Policy provides a holistic approach to business models and processes on the basis of sustainable future strategies based on environmental, social and corporate management.

Our approach to sustainability is carried out both within the company and within the framework of social activities aimed at the public, taking into account both the criteria of corporate social responsibility and impact on society. The Endeks' understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility has an integrated integrity within the scope of company culture and business processes and all company policies.

In this context, comprehensive and detailed information on periodic and periodical studies is included in both annual reports and the Company's informatics publications. In this direction, the processes mentioned are shared with all of our stakeholders, in particular the employees and stakeholders of the company, and presented to the public. In addition, the necessary information and related links are included in the websites of Endeks and the activities created and maintained in line with the corporate policies are presented to the stakeholders.

Within the scope of the Sustainability Policy, Endeks considers the Social Responsibility activities as the institutions' accountability and their ability to fulfill their duties and responsibilities towards their stakeholders and  considers implementing "sustainable and improvable ”social responsibility practices as a corporate policy.

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