Starburst from İKMİB to PLAT Members

Chemistry sector which contributed 17.4 billion dollars to Turkey's exports in 2018, continues to strengthen its position in the economy. Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (IKMIB), which guided the efforts to increase chemical exports and strengthen them with new markets, brought together its members who participated in this success at the 4th IKMIB Stars of Chemical Exports Award Ceremony. In 2018, 84 companies were awarded in the top three in 28 categories at the ceremony organized to honor and encourage the companies for their successful export performance. 11 of our PLAT member companies won 13 awards in 2018 İKMİB Stars of Export Awards. PLAT Members made their mark at the night in the Cosmetics and sub-product groups. Endeks kimya was awarded as the 8th in the İKMİB washing preparations category. Endeks Kimya ranked first in exports to North America by country group. Index Kimya aims to increase its exports in 2019 and take its place in the new markets and enter the top three in the İKMİB washing preparations category.

Imer Özer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Private Branded Products Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (PLAT) and Vice President of İKMİB, thanked the PLAT members for their contribution to the export of chemicals in 2018 and congratulated the award winning companies. Stating that exporting companies undertook life saving task in the difficult times of Turkish economy, İmer Ozer, emphasized the importance of concentrating on export for a sustainable and strong growth and said that: "I congratulate the companies granted awards ranking the first three in their own fields at 2018 IKMIB Export Stars Awards and wish them continued success. We are happy and proud that 22 of our companies are PLAT members among the first 10 companies, which export the most in all the sub-product groups of 2018 chemical exports. The success achieved especially in the cosmetic category and sub-product groups is enormous. The economic developments in the second half of last year showed how critically important the exports are both for the companies and our economy. If we want to grow and become active in the world markets, we must definitely focus on exports and look for new opportunities in new markets.

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