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Endeks Kimya is a subsidiary of ENDER GROUP, which has been operating in the food / non-food distribution, sales and retail sectors since 1968.

Endeks Kimya stepped into the chemical industry in 2007 by starting production activities in the categories of Cleaning, Detergent and Personal Care.

Offering diversity in all groups classified as cleaning and cosmetic products with Kalyon, Hugva, Joystar, Beauty Fresh, Doa brands, Endeks Kimya is making progress in the branding process predominantly in the international markets. Having effectuated its first exports in 2009, Endeks Kimya has conducted exportation to more than 75 countries in a short period of time with major and prompt steps forward. 

The company has been contributing to the national economy by ranking in the top 3 in the Cleaning and Detergent export category for the last 5 years. In addition to exports, the company is one of the companies manufacturing private label products in its category in Türkiye.

Endeks Kimya is proud of achieving the position of a Global Manufacturer following the completion of both the state-of-the-art production facility of 40 thousand m2 with the R&D investments and the second production facility investment in Kosovo via Endeks Europe situated on an area of 10 thousand m2, thus consequently increasing the number of employment up to 750 people. 

Endeks Kimya, one of the leading companies in Türkiye's packaging industry, has recently incorporated the Plastic company with an area of 12 thousand m2, and also continues to contribute to the protection of natural resources fostering the mindset of sustainable quality and services.  Endeks Kimya not only conducts production activities with owned brands, but also contributes to the consumer's access to quality products at affordable prices by making Private Label production in Türkiye and abroad.


Endeks Kimya attaches importance to the concept of "clean production" as well as quality production.

Access to clean water is defined as one of the most fundamental rights for humans in the International Declaration of Humanity. Endeks Kimya is aware that access to clean products is also a human right. With such awareness, the company aims to produce the entirety of manufactured products without damaging nature and constituting harm to consumer health throughout both during the production process and after the use of the product.

Gradually reinforcing its relationship with consumers built on trust and empathy, Endeks Kimya continues to set further goals in the branding process every day.OUR DIFFERENCE









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